Live to enjoy

Would you like to live in a nursing home that have great services for you? You can come to the nursing home of Neve Hof , there you will find facilities and great apartments that the nursing home of Neve Hof created. You'll find a minimarket right in the compound, a nursery, there's also a barber shop, and much more! , in this nursing home you'll never need to go out they take care of you and you just have to enjoy and relax. You can go to the beach that is nearby and take a walk by the sunset, or sit and read a book in the beautiful gardens o the nursing home, so what are you waiting for? Come to enjoy!


דיור מוגן  : Nursing home – Neve Hof

מיקום אחוזת נווה חוף - דיור מוגן 1800-660-800

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